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A unique opportunity to get bird's-eye view of our world!

The modern level of technology in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) makes it possible to everyone to see and capture the world and events with bird's-eye view in the highest quality, which only a few years ago was affordable to wealthy movie studios.

Our equipment (quadrocopter) is managed by a professional operator, who will make for you aerial photo shooting in the resolution of 20 megapixels as well as video in 4K (UHD) format with a height of up to 500 meters high above the ground with an unprecedented-smooth movement of the camera.

We will provide you a brand new, unusual and, at the moment, a unique perspective on the events and objects among which it worth noting the following:

Wedding photography

10-minute video, depicting from the sky the happy newlyweds surrounded by guests, will give the audience a lot more emotion than the traditional hours-long videos.

Gala events

The opportunity to take pictures from the sky may not only present the look at the events and objects from a different angle, but also will make it possible to cover in one shot a lot more information.

Campaign events

Professional aerial photography view of public events that may take place on a particular scenario or carry an improvised character.

Real-estate presentation

Recording an object with a survey of 360 degrees will not only significantly increase the visibility and perception of information about the construction, but also provide an opportunity to focus on the best angle for its demonstration.

Aerial photography benefits


incredible viewing angle lets perceive the beauty of the world in a new way


the cost of work is comparable to that of traditional photo and video services

Quick set-up

setup and ready to use of equipment takes up to 15 minutes.


our specialists will arrive with equipment to any place.




We invited SimplexArt to shoot our wedding! Initially there were doubts, but after the installation of the footage, I was pleasantly surprised! This is unconventional and very beautiful!


I ordered SimplexArt for shooting sports competitions from the air. Everything was done at the highest level! The video quality is impeccable! The guys are real professionals, highly recommend!


During the filming I felt myself as a movie star, the operator was very friendly and fulfilled all my wishes, and pilot a real ace!

Victor and Veronica

Shooting pre-wedding "Love Story" was a great fun, cool and relaxed! We are very happy with the result. There will be something to show to our future kids.


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